Video Reunion 2013, 29th Division Reunion



TEC5 Donald Mckee
Medical Aid Men
E Co., 175th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division
D-Day Veteran

Past National Commander 1993-1994
Purple Heart (2), Bronze Star.

In 1943, Don McKee traded engineering school at the University of Michigan for the army, figuring they”d make him a military engineer. But within months, McKee found himself in Normandy, a newly minted medic known as “Doc” to his rifle company in the 175th Regiment of the 29th Infantry Divison.


In 11 months the 29th took 20,000 combat casualties. “It was tough, tough fighting,” says McKee.
“The turnover was so high that guys came in as replacements and in three or four days’ time they”d been hit and evacuated.”

McKee himself was twice wounded. The first was minor. But after just 12 weeks of patching up wounded soldiers on the front lines, a German mortar shell nearly did him in. ‘someone shouted ‘McKee, you are wounded again! You’re going back to the aid station.’ I said, ‘I think this time it will be further,’ and with that I lost consciousness.”


McKee recovered from severe leg and lower body wounds. When the war ended he settled in Maryland and went on to a successful career in engineering.

Speaking of Donald McKee at the 29th Division Reunion 2013.