Faces of Margraten / Gezichten van Margraten 2015



Rows, endless rows of white marble crosses and stars of David. This is what one sees when overlooking the American War Cemetery and Memorial Netherlands in Margraten, the Netherlands. 8,301 American soldiers have been buried in this cemetery; another 1,722 names are listed on the Walls of the Missing. We do know the names of all these men and women, but who were they? Where did they come from and what did their life look like prior to World War II? The Stichting Verenigde Adoptanten Amerikaanse Oorlogsgraven (Foundation United Adopters American War Graves) hopes to make a unique tribute to the men and women buried there by giving their names a face.2014 was is a special year as it marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Province of Limburg, the Netherlands by American troops in September 1944. Moreover, November 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the first burial in the Margraten Cemetery in November 1944. In May 2015, the Netherlands celebrates the 70th anniversary of the liberation. The foundation, therefore, aims as a tribute to our liberators to give as many names of the soldiers buried in or memorialized at the Margraten Cemetery as possible a face, by decorating their graves with a personal photo through the project “The Faces of Margraten” during a Memorial Weekend from the May 2-5 2015.
More info on the project visit their website www.facesofmargraten.com
(Source: www.svaao.nl)




I helped out as a volunteer for this project at the cemetery for 5 days. The event was visited by more then 20.000 people spread over 5 days. It was a Great event!

Here is a small impression with photos and video.

Pictures Faces Of Margraten: