Biography Robert H. Folsom

Robert Hilton Folsom was born March 6, 1916 in
Colquitt County, Georgia, USA.

Beloved and only son of parents Randall Gordon Folsom and Sarah Elizabeth Ricks Folsom who were farmers in South Georgia. He had one sister, Frellie Mae Folsom McCranie who was 10 years old when he was born.

After that, joined the Army Air Corps and was stationed at various bases including Tyndall and Mc Dill in Florida where he met and married Edna Henderson. Their daughter Patsy was born in December 1943.
Eventually he was sent to Europe to participate in WWII as a tail gunner on a B-26 Martin Marauder.
He was with the 1st Pathfinder Squadron (Provisional) (M), 9th Air Force.

Robert the Tall guy on the far right.

On March 2, 1945, four days before his 29th birthday, his plane was shot down at Wetzlar, Germany. All of the crew bailed out and landed successfully, three men were taken prisoner and eventually went home safe, but S/Sgt Robert Folsom, 2nd Lt. Wendel Hoenshel, and
T/Sgt Henry Isenberg were shot in cold blood by German Nazi’s.

File Number: US141
Review Date: 470826
Case Number: 12-1833 (US vs. Wilhelm Lang et al)
Crime Category: War Crimes

Lang, Wilhelm – died during proceedings

Lechens, Otto – 10 Years (R&R: disappr. of findings & sentence)

Mueller, Karl (Carl) – 10 Years + Acquittal
(R&R: disappr. of findings & sentence)

Mueller, Ludwig – 15 Years

Pflueger, Otto – 20 Years

Weil, Albert August – 25 Years (R&R: disappr. of findings & sentence)

Dern, Heinrich – served but not tried

Court: General Military Government Court at Dachau, 461205-461213
Country where the crime had been committed: Germany
Crime Location: Lang-Gons
Crime Date: 450302
Victim: POW’s
Nationality: American
Office: Civil Administration, (Acting) Burgomaster of Lang-Gons; Wehrmacht, Panzerkorps; Civilian
Subject of the proceeding:
Three American airmen parachuted and landed in an open field where they were immediately apprehended. The accused then incited a gathering crowd to aid in the killing of the three men. All three airmen were eventually shot and killed at a nearby airport. The accused aided and participated in committing assaults upon three members of the United States Army

*2.3.1945 Ermordung von drei amerikanischen Fliegern (Robert H. Folsom; W.L. Hoenshell; Henry M. Isenberg) in der Gemeinde Langgöns (Landkreis Gießen)

More information about the crew you can find on: Air Crew Remembered

Pieces of his plane where later found with a metal detector on the crash site:



The Ray Ban sunglasses are from Robert. The farmer of the field kept them since the war.

The Letter of his wife Edna. Where she is talking about the Ray ban Sunglasses

Robert was listed as MIA from March until the end of October. His father died shortly after learning of Robert’s death, and his mother, and sister grieved for the rest of their lives. His wife and daughter continued to live in south Florida and eventually, his wife remarried and had another daughter.

In sweet memory written by his niece Shirley McCranie-Lindsay.